Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Winner of Love Your Library Giveaway!

Thanks everyone who entered to win a copy of my book and a copy for your favorite library.

The lucky winner is...


Her favorite library is the St. Louis County Public Library at Eureka, MO.

& Happy Holidays to all!!!
Thanks Again,
Kristin : )

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Love Your Library! Book Giveaway

For the upcoming holiday season I decided to bring back my favorite book giveaway.

Working in the education system and meeting so many dedicated librarians as an author has made me aware of their struggles. Today's economy may be bringing readers to their public libraries in search of an affordable alternative to purchasing books to read, but the libraries lack the resources to purchase a lot of new books to offer them. So I thought why not have a contest that not only benefits lucky readers, but also their favorite public library.

Here is how it works...

If you are interested in winning a signed copy of my new mystery/romance The Truth Lies in the Dark and an additional copy for your favorite public library, which will be donated in your name, there are two ways to enter.

1. You can leave a message in the comment box below. Please be sure you leave your email, so I can contact the lucky winner, and the name, town, and state (add your country if outside of the US) of your favorite library.

Example: My favorite public library is Janet Carlson Calvert Library Franklin, CT

*Please do not include your mailing information or any other personal info that you do not want published on this blog.

2. If you do not want your email shown you may email me directly with your email and library of your choice. Please put Love Your Library (or LYL) in the subject box.


Once a winner is randomly determined I will contact you by email for your mailing address. Your personal information will at no time be sold or passed on to any one else, and disposed of after the end of the contest. Winners will be notified by email and announced here, on my writing blog, my website, and on Twitter.

Winner will receive a signed copy of The Truth Lies in the Dark and their favorite public library will receive an additional copy, donated in the winners name. This is a great opportunity to win yourself a new book and help out your public library. Each person can only enter once, but there is no limit on how many times a library is entered. So spread the word in your community and increase the chances that your library will win!

Winners will announced on December 15th, 2009.

Thanks for entering and GOOD LUCK!

Kristin : )

Thursday, October 1, 2009

And the winner is...

It's time to announce the winner of my Book 2 Movie Contest!

Congratulations to Rebecca from Lost in Books! (blog name is included because there was more than 1 Rebecca entered) I will be sending you a copy of The Truth Lies in the Dark and a T-shirt of my book cover!

Thank you all for entering and remember, you are all automatically entered to win a grand prize (TBA) in the event that my book does become a movie. I will keep everyone updated on any news about that as I get it.

Thanks Again and keep your fingers crossed with me for good movie news!

~Kristin :)

Friday, July 3, 2009


As you may already know my book, The Truth Lies in the Dark has been chosen by Hollywood film producer, Beth Grossbard. She made many movies for CBS and Lifetime Movie Network, among them are The Christmas Shoes, The Christmas Blessing and just finished The Christmas Hope. She wants my book to be her next movie. It is very exciting, but also very challenging.

Given the state of the economy, movie executives are increasingly picky on what new projects they will take on. They are looking primarily for best sellers and well known authors. I am neither. Beth is going to pitch my story late summer/early fall and I want to do what I can to help the executives agree that this would make a great movie. Here's where I ask for your help.

You can help me get my book made into a movie and win great prizes too! That's right, in exchange for a few words of support I will be giving multiple prizes. The more support I get the more prizes I will add, which means more chances to win. As an added bonus, if my book does in fact become a movie I will offer a GRAND PRIZE (to be announced) to one lucky winner. All entries are included in every drawing. So you only have to enter once for many chances to win.

Here's what you do!

In the comment box below please voice your support for my book becoming a movie and an email so I can contact the winners. The following is a list and potential award schedule. Remember, once you leave a comment you are automatically entered to win all prizes offered. All prize winners will be drawn and announced at the end of the contest, except for the GRAND PRIZE, which will be announced once the movie deal is signed.

Contest begins today July 20, 2009 and ends August 31, 2009 September 30, 2009
  • 1st prize = signed copy of The Truth Lies in the Dark & a book T-shirt for every 50 comments. Example: If there are 200 comments by the end of the contest I will give away 4 signed books w/T-shirts.

In addition to the books & T-shirts I will add another prize on each hundredth comment. These prizes will be one of the following and will be posted as they are added.

  • @ 100 comments ... $20.00 gift card to amazon
  • @ 200 comments ... Reading lamp & stationary gift set
  • @ 300 comments ... Movie gift set: movie passes at a theater of your choice

The more comments left the more prizes that will be added. So tell your friends and get ready to win. If you have any questions or would like more information about The Truth Lies in the Dark you can email me at Thank you in advance for you support and help with this and good luck!

~ Kristin Callender

Monday, June 1, 2009

BEAtwittyparty winners announced!

After a very busy weekend I finally found a moment to announce the winners of my book in the BEAtwittyparty. There is one Twitter and one non Twitter winner of a signed copy of The Truth Lies in the Dark.

Twitter winner: CONGRATULATIONS goes to @BloggerIceDream. Your book is in the mail.

Non twitter winner: CONGRATULATIONS goes out to Sharon54220. As soon as you email me your address I will send you a copy.

Congratulations to you both. As always, I would love to give everyone who entered a copy. It's just not financially possible. I can offer a discount to anyone interested in purchasing my book. Email me and I will happily send you the discount code and instructions on how to use it. You must use this code on my publisher's website, as it will not work on Amazon.

Email me at

Thanks so much for entering and stop by again soon to see what will be offered in the next contest.

Kristin : )

Thursday, May 21, 2009

BEAtwittyparty Book Giveaway

It's time for another book giveaway. This one is honor of the upcoming BEA, that is the Book Expo America. The 2009 BEA is being held in New York City at the Jacob Javits Center from May 28 to May 31. This is a major event for the book world and I am so excited to be going. Another event surrounding the BEA that I am excited to be a part of is the BEAtwittyparty with fellow followers and followees on Twitter. Don't worry if you're not on Twitter. There is a way for you to win a copy of my book also.

The rules of the contest are as follows.

If you are on Twitter leave your twitter name here in the comments. Then go over to and add your twitter name and info there. She will post a list of everyone to follow for the BEAtwittyparty, which is planned for Friday May 29th from 8:00 - 10:00 pm eastern time. You don't have to attend the BEA to participate in the fun, just log onto your Twitter account and enjoy the party.

I will announce the winners of my book on Twitter at 10:00 PM eastern time. The winners can then email or DM their address to receive a signed copy of The Truth Lies in the Dark.

* You will notice a time change for the contest. Due to phone problems I will not be able to announce the winner at the original time of 8:30 PM. I will still be on the train coming home from the BEA. New time is 10:00 PM. Thanks!

Follow me on twitter

If you are not on Twitter you can still enter to win a copy. Leave your name and email in the comments and I will annouce a non Twitter winner also. If you are not comfortable having your name and email published on line you can email me directly.

There will be 1 Twitter winner and 1 non Twitter winner. Good luck to all and thanks for being part of the fun!

Kristin Callender : )

Friday, May 1, 2009

And the winners are ...

We have a winner in the Love Your Library book giveaway. Actually we have two winners. I received an encouraging email yesterday from a television producer, who has read my book. She said it was a wonderful story and requested my phone number so she could call and talk with me. I am excited and honestly in a state of shock still that she would even consider my book for a television movie. Realizing that this doesn't guarantee anything, that the phone call could be a very polite 'no thanks', I am trying to keep it all in perspective. My kids are kind enough to help me with that. If you want a glimpse into how they helped stop by my writing blog for the story.

Ok, so back to the contest. I said two winners because in the spirit of my potential good news I decided to pick two winners. One from the entries here and one from the direct emails that I have received in response to the contest. The winners were chosen randomly by my children. So if anyone is unhappy with the results, it's completely their fault ; )

Have I created enough tension, enough anticipation, or have you already scanned this post to see who won? If not, thanks for being the patient reader. If you did skip ahead, I don't blame you, even I am anxious to announce the winners.

Here goes...drum roll please....

1st winner chosen from the direct emails sent to me is....

!!!! ROBYN from Arizona !!!!

and her favorite library the Peoria Public Library.

2nd winner chosen from these comments is.....

!!!! klclthouse3 from Michigan !!!!

and the favorite public library is the Commerce Twp Library.

Congratulations to the winners! I will be sending each a signed copy of The Truth Lies in the Dark and each of their favorite libraries will receive a copy donated in their names.

I am sorry that I can not have all of you win, but I can offer you a little something for entering. My publisher has agreed to offer a discount to all who have entered this contest. I will be emailing each of you with the code to use to receive this discount if you are interested in purchasing my book. While your there you can get a sneak peek at it too. The following link will bring you to the first chapters of The Truth Lies in the Dark. So you can test read it before you decide if you would like to buy.

Thank you all for your interest and great comments about my book and the Love Your Library contest. Stop by again to see what the next prize will be on my contest blog. Hint: In a few weeks I will be start a new giveaway. Winner will get a mystery gift card. I'd say more but I'm not even sure what the gift card is yet.

Keep in touch, keep reading, and keep supporting your public libraries.


Kristin Callender : )