Friday, May 1, 2009

And the winners are ...

We have a winner in the Love Your Library book giveaway. Actually we have two winners. I received an encouraging email yesterday from a television producer, who has read my book. She said it was a wonderful story and requested my phone number so she could call and talk with me. I am excited and honestly in a state of shock still that she would even consider my book for a television movie. Realizing that this doesn't guarantee anything, that the phone call could be a very polite 'no thanks', I am trying to keep it all in perspective. My kids are kind enough to help me with that. If you want a glimpse into how they helped stop by my writing blog for the story.

Ok, so back to the contest. I said two winners because in the spirit of my potential good news I decided to pick two winners. One from the entries here and one from the direct emails that I have received in response to the contest. The winners were chosen randomly by my children. So if anyone is unhappy with the results, it's completely their fault ; )

Have I created enough tension, enough anticipation, or have you already scanned this post to see who won? If not, thanks for being the patient reader. If you did skip ahead, I don't blame you, even I am anxious to announce the winners.

Here goes...drum roll please....

1st winner chosen from the direct emails sent to me is....

!!!! ROBYN from Arizona !!!!

and her favorite library the Peoria Public Library.

2nd winner chosen from these comments is.....

!!!! klclthouse3 from Michigan !!!!

and the favorite public library is the Commerce Twp Library.

Congratulations to the winners! I will be sending each a signed copy of The Truth Lies in the Dark and each of their favorite libraries will receive a copy donated in their names.

I am sorry that I can not have all of you win, but I can offer you a little something for entering. My publisher has agreed to offer a discount to all who have entered this contest. I will be emailing each of you with the code to use to receive this discount if you are interested in purchasing my book. While your there you can get a sneak peek at it too. The following link will bring you to the first chapters of The Truth Lies in the Dark. So you can test read it before you decide if you would like to buy.

Thank you all for your interest and great comments about my book and the Love Your Library contest. Stop by again to see what the next prize will be on my contest blog. Hint: In a few weeks I will be start a new giveaway. Winner will get a mystery gift card. I'd say more but I'm not even sure what the gift card is yet.

Keep in touch, keep reading, and keep supporting your public libraries.


Kristin Callender : )


  1. First congrats to the winners, readers and libraries.

    Next, that is such exciting news to have a producer even ask for your phone number. I would probably have forgotten mine on the spot. LOL Please let us know what comes of it. We definitely need some new good movies.

    Rebecca J Vickery

  2. Congrats to the winners! Best wishes for your talk with the producer! And thanks for the offered discount.